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The best Canadian films

Said Alfred Hitchcock that to acclimate action in a particular nothing better than having your topical country. But what are the commonplaces of Canada would be? Does the RCMP, snow, lumberjacks, embodied maple leaf? Two recent releases as “Monsieur Lazhar” ( see trailer ) and “Starbuck” ( see trailer ) could easily pass for French, English or German productions … and yet they are Canadians.

The country that arouses derision among jokes and sitcoms US -see Robin Scherbatsky as an example of “How I Met Your Mother” (2005) – is far more diverse and original than anticipate those clichés basic guide. Movies diametrically opposed one another, an intimate sentimental comedy and melodrama that have attracted both international awards -the Academy Award nomination for “Monsieur Lazhar” – as public attention their country of origin. It’s time to recover some pearls of a country unjustly forgotten balances annual premiers. By visiting movie25, you have chance to enjoy these movies in the best quality.

“The Sweet Hereafter” ( Atom Egoyan , 1997): This is probably the most representative of the Canadian film Director actually from Egypt and an Armenian family tree. Its molding to the idiosyncrasies of the almost polar cold has been more than symbiotic: his films often speak of loneliness, isolation and sharp losses as icicles. This coral stark portrait of a people gripped by the tragedy of a school bus that derails, Egoyan absorbed the German folklore -the story “The Pied Piper of Hamelin” – to speak unceremoniously continuous feeling of man as incomplete. All local children except a teenager killed in the incident, and the film gives an overview of new growth from painful emptiness imaginable. Bella and cold despite its awkward plot, triumphed at Cannes , Toronto and Seminci. Other prominent Canadian filmmaker works have been “Exotica” (1994), “Felicia’s Journey” (1999) or the recent “Chloe” (2009).

“Videodrome” ( David Cronenberg , 1983): One of the undisputed best filmmakers of recent decades also holds Canadian citizenship. Some of the dry ice you must stick fingers Cronenberg, whose films are stuck in the retinas with that mixture of freshness and sharp adhesion that causes frozen water. One of his first ‘gone to pot’ stamp production in Canada recounted the odyssey of an ordinary man who is gradually abducted by a strange TV show called Videodrome. Special effects of carnal texture and alternative scientific basis, recognizable brands in the imagination of Cronenberg, make up one of his best early films, preceded by “Scanners” (1981), and following “Naked Lunch” (1991), “Crash” (1996), “eXistenZ” (2000),“Spider” (2002) and the upcoming co – production of “Cosmopolis” . 

“Incendies” (Denis Villeneuve, 2010): One of the recent successes of transnational Canada before “Monsieur Lazhar” was this crude family trip, based on a play by Wajdi Mouawad. The highest award of Toronto took and received the attentions of the Academy Award, the BAFTA and César , inaddition to sweeping the Genie Awards, the highest awards of the Academy of Canadian Cinema. The Lebanon war exercises backdrop of a drama between two brothers, his dying mother after suffering an attack, and a father and brother who have not heard for years. Footage more than generous and much formalism in one of those tapes difficult to savor and digestion, in the hands of a young filmmaker who had already attracted the attention of his countrymen and foreign critics with “Polytechnique”  (2009) and “Maelstrom” ( 2000), a source close to recent success story in circlesindies “Another earth” (Mike Cahill, 2011).

“My Winnipeg” (Guy Maddin, 2007): In our country only reached impact this mockumentary, or mockumentary , about a small town in Canada, Winnipeg, shot after the Surrealists filters and typical blanquinegros of Guy Maddin. It is an invented dissection, dreamlike and sometimes Bunuelscenarios where spent his childhood Maddin, a filmmaker who could pass for the bastard son of David Lynch after a drunken night chasing freaks of Los Angeles after the wrong border in a place ravaged by snow. Built from amazing characters and added together by various textures, formats and times, the documentary of provincial life in Canada will not be as idyllic and compelling to their American neighbors, but at least tore strange poetry of the grotesque and the scenes pride of the forgotten.

“My Uncle Antoine” (Claude Jutra, 1971): The most French of the classics of Canadian cinema, a tribute straddles the aesthetic placidity of filmmakers reviled by the Nouvelle Vague and the rebellious look of the components of this movement born in the fifties. Topics Canadian winter landscape under a perpetual mantle were melted, but not quite downtrodden, the story of a teenager ending to mature in the heat of a family in charge of the funeral business in a population of Quebec. A romantic view of rural Canada slope of an unrecognizable as such, punctuated by social conflicts and mining revolutions as background for halting growth of the protagonist. The film received a warm welcome at the time and settled national fame of Claude Jutra, who tragically ended his life by throwing himself into the waters of an icy river, unable to address early Alzheimer’s was diagnosed.

“The Barbarian Invasions” (Dennys Arcand, 2004): Many brandished against this resounding victory of Canadian film that was a difficult film to fully understand if he had not seen the previous work of Dennys Arcand,“The Decline American “empire (1986), a story with the same characters, more youthful version. Despite these arguments, he conquered and razed specialists awards or nominations in all competitions and awards in Europe and the United States. Unlike the end of the unhappy Claude Jutra, the film focused brave optimism with physical decline of a terminally ill patient who requests the presence of all his friends and family at his bedside cancerous.Arcand was proved capable of laughter brimming in such strenuous times, to combine the pragmatic and sensitive, and finding cause for celebration when everything is finished. A smiling, resolving and overcoming the height of a character frozen country has the phonetic sound and the cultural heritage of the French.

“Away from Her” ( Sarah Polley , 2006): Sarah Polley , the little protagonist of the drama “The Sweet Hereafter” and fetish actress Isabel Coixet , also made his first steps behind the camera with this chronicle of a woman who is falling in Alzheimer ‘s claws, to the consternation of her husband ‘s lifetime. A premise of fright and benchtop film higher, which resulted in a great interpretation of Julie Christie which had Oscar nomination after years of having succeeded for “Darling” ( John Schlesinger , 1965) – and less loaded dose Corny caffeine what you might think at first. He enjoyed very good reception among US critics and knew departing from the genre of hospitals and waiting rooms vital to become one of the most recent references of crepuscular romances. Boo to director actress has returned to try his luck with another Canadian production “Take This Waltz” (2011), a love triangle focused on younger characters, coming soon to our screens.

“At the end of the ladder” (Peter Medak, 1980): Top of the horror genre eighties and reinvention not overcome the issue of ghost story nineteenth century, the film still raises concerns among new viewers with its blissful play beanbag. A musical composer comes loaded with tragic emotional baggage and rent a big house, ‘where strange things begin to happen’. The history of the enclosed loft, the chair moves alone, the voices and the ball falling down the stairs again and again without see the guilty hand, may sound more familiar. This is due to the multitude of kidnappings and looting that has suffered since then, ending in “Women in black” ( James Watkins , 2011), tape Canadian stockings adapts a novel by Susan Hill , also made up the spoils of war this film and classic writers like Margaret Oliphant.

“Grey Fox” (Phillip Borsos, 1982): To anger and dismay of his neighborsyankees , Canada also dares with the western , the only genus of spinal cord hundred percent American. And such audacity Phillip Borsos was committed by a director of short path revealed specialist in Christmas ribbons replacement, with which however is considered one of the best Canadian films of history. Bill Miner Richard Farnsworth, who received a nomination forGolden Globe – is a former stagecoach robber who emigrated to Canada in search of another job, just as bandolero and undignified, robbing modern trains. The plot of the analog man trapped in a digital world, or old rider who has gray hair combed out there in prison while herds of steel horses multiplied, sported a visuals now somewhat outdated, but full of elegy. A sort of metaphor for the steppe early beast that was Canada in the past, and has been gradually becoming a doomed to be so modern, advanced and international projection and send the United States down laughing from legend.

“CRAZY” ( Jean-Marc Vallée , 2005): Another popular success, partly because of its typically French – style formula, which narrates the desperate journey of Zac, a young man who moves between define an absent father figure and his own sexuality, freedom through the turbulent seventies. The musical selection was based on David Bowie , Pink Floyd, the Rolling Stones and Patsy Cline as an essential ingredient in any recent sleeper covered also a very popular aesthetic vintage . The script was lost wandering around melodramatic requiebros more than known, but found a happy balance in notes of humor and in his unprejudiced approach to questions of a not too happy with the time it deserves, as idealized today teenager . Outstanding example of Canadian intelligence knows unturned in the same beaker author notes in a skeleton of business functionality.

Lot of Canadian classics have been lost in the miasma of productions in recent decades, often confused with French films. And there are few films that have raised high levels of quality, as well as co – productions between Canada and the United States or other countries in Europe. Among these, one might highlight “Margaret’s Museum” (Mort Ransen, 1995), a curious story time with then typecast Helena Bonham Carter ; the tableau vivant of a Hungarian family of  “Sunshine” ( István Szabó , 1999), starring Ralph Fiennes and Rachel Weisz ; the popular “The Red Violin” (François Girard, 1998), especially for his Oscar – winning soundtrack Joshua Bell;  “Being Julia” (István Szabó, 2005), or Annette Bening as a theatrical diva come down; revolutionary animation of ” The Triplets of Belleville” (Sylvain Chomet, 2006); the hit box office  “Seducing Doctor Lewis” (Jean-François Pouliot, 2003); the incursion in the war epic big – budget “Passchendaele” (Paul Gross, 2008), and a very remarkable bitter comedy, with excellent Paul Giamatti , who had no good fortune for our billboards,“Barney’s Version” ( Richard J. Lewis , 2010).

Canadian Couple Travel experiences – MAURITIUS

After many laps on the most appropriate destination for this occasion and leaving advised by the travel agency Corte Ingles (compare among several agencies such as Eroski, Marsans, …), we conclude that if we wanted a somewhat exclusive site, with little tourism and quirky, this could be villas in Mauritius. In catalogs, everything seemed dreamy and luxurious hotels … so that the information obtained through the Internet and Lonely Planet, we undertook the adventure … and the truth, we were not disappointed.
Day 1-2
Madrid-Paris flight Departure: 12:40 h / Paris-Mauritius (Mahebourg) Departure: 16:20 h
Larguíiiiiiisimo. Operated by Air Mauritius . Now you can fly direct from Madrid in the summer months, but it was not our case. Furthermore seasons are reversed here, so our spring is your fall (time when we were recommended to go because the heat is not pressed, the humidity is not as high and the risk of monsoons is lower).
Twelve hours of flight and only 2 hours time difference with Spain is far to the south … but just a little bit west.
The flight would never end, because I usually get dizzy and I just wanted to move the seat just in case.Impossible to sleep and to top it off, the TV in my seat, spoiled. The mask I got to sleep, let me face “as a Christ” … I was with the marks of the gums a lot of hours … but more amazing were the feet … I did not see my fingers! They swelled so much that I could not put or sandals. They seemed elephant feet and had to leave the plane with red socks you get in your kit passenger … “superfashion”!

Luckily after passing passport control, everything was very well organized. The tour operatorMautourco , operating with our agency, was waiting for us a car with a driver who spoke Spanish.Hence, the Hotel Shandrani ( During the trip, waiting to see what we were … all bright green and sugar cane wherever we looked. Because of the time (7:00 AM), we were afraid to touch us wait lying on the beach until the check-in … but no! … What a welcome! The Hotel, in a closed and heavy security enclosure, we had stunning. Exotic waiters (hence the population is mainly Indian and part Creole) picked up the luggage and invited us to wait in a really impressive hall, with a delicious non – alcoholic cocktail that I could no longer resist the entire stay. We attended English friendly guy who explained the excellences of the program ALL INCLUSIVE we had chosen … (2×1 for honeymooners). “Serenity Plus” program. That yes, we must take the marriage certificate … and we forgot! We requested by fax and never came, but turned a blind eye and not put us any problem at check-out.

It has four restaurants:
Le Grand Port:  the main restaurant, with buffets inspired by different cuisines of Mauritius with oriental species of Creole cuisine, to African and Mediterranean flavors.
Le Boucanier:  specializing in seafood and only for dinner. Decorated with Creole music. And always highly sought subject. Ah! And you have to go very, very elegant to blend.

The all-inclusive (full board with drinks) includes a letter of spectacular wines (French champagne, imported wines) and desserts each more delicious. Snack bars all; snacks (between noon and 17h).From 17 h, buffet of pancakes and pastries made at the time (one of the reasons for the extra pounds with which we returned).

Mini-bar: beer, red wine, white, fizzy drinks, juices, water, snacks. Service on the beach, at the pool.Unlimited access to the sauna in the Spa- Resort. Sports and free activities: water skiing, sailing, kayaking, pedal boat.
We took a swim in the quietest area realizing that despite the transparent waters and the warm weather … the water was freezing! We went to the other beach, wild and impressive waves (there are areas with huge posters warning of the danger). The most fun of this area was that we were alone, and we could enjoy the scenery, sand, sea and fantastic loungers under a stand of reeds, with a perfect orientation to see the horizon.
When we entered the hungry, we saw that the post of the hut, contained the “Menu Beach” and just had to wait for the truck to pass … and the truck that did not happen … and we starving and running from side to side looking for the truck. Finally, a “gentleman” I think soon realized our despair and went splitting laughter appears. We put up placemat and cutlery … when we went to pay … no, no … this service is also included!
In the afternoon, a little kayak and paddleboat … The kayak well, but do the boat a disaster! If wewanted to go right, we went to the left, if we warned from the shore not approached we the woods, which were rocks … there that took us the current … but what already was to go from laughter was when Guzman decided to get off the boat to film me with the background Hotel in a shallow area … .we very happy that we promised … I could not control the device, and only moving in circles and dragged by the current, and he farther and farther away, the tide rising and with the camera up so it would not get wet (it was a wedding gift from my brothers!) … get perching in a kind of rock, before you swallow the water and finally I put his height to go up … what a show! Among the vest, camera, sandals flying, vowing in Hebrew … and people on the shore. Come on , we lacked little to charge for the show. They would say: “these tourists!”.

Dentistry in Canada

Dentistry in Canada is one of the 29 occupations currently accepted under the immigration program and qualified professional Canadian federal government workers. This means that the government has done research studies on labor issues and has determined that Canada needs more dentists. The career of dentistry in Canada is expensive (one of the most expensive of all programs of study tuition). This can help to limit the number of dentist who produces Canada. On the other hand, with an aging population, it is logical that the country will require more dentists to serve the population in the near future.

Indeed, dentists in Canada can generate income of between $ 80,000 and $ 300,000 per year (before taxes). Foreign dentists interested in immigrating to Canada should be aware that exercise should validate studies and certified by the amount corresponding to the province or territory where regulatory body wishing to reside. The revalidation and certification process can be time consuming and expensive.So not because the occupation is between the currently accepted and required by Canada this means that immigrate to the country and established as a dentist is simple.

Dentist function

Dentists diagnose, treat, prevent and control problems of the teeth and mouth. They usually work in private practice or may be employed in hospitals, clinics, public institutions or universities.

Example of positions or titles


Freedom Dental Melbourne

oral and maxillofacial surgeon

oral pathologist

oral radiologist


pediatric dentist



Public health dentist

Main tasks and responsibilities. Dentists perform some or all of the following tasks:

* Examine the teeth, gums and surrounding tissue to diagnose disease, injury or decay of them and plan appropriate treatment.

* Restore, extract and replace diseased teeth.

* Execute oral or periodontal surgery and other treatments.

* Cleans teeth and educate their patients in dental hygiene.

* They design dentures, dentures and dental accessories (braces) to correct bite problems, jaws etc etc.They write instructions for making additions to denturist or dental technicians.

* Supervise dental hygienists, assistants and other staff.

* Dentists can specialize in several areas such as maxillofacial surgery, orthodontics, pediatric dental etc.

Job Requirements

* 1 to 4 years of study Pre-Dentistry, (in Quebec completed studies in science) plus degrees in dentistry at a recognized institution in higher education.

* Professional Certification (certificate) the regulatory body of one of the provinces or territories.

* Specialists require additional certification in their specialty.

Dentists certified by the National Dental Examining Board of Canada can play in any of the provinces or territories.

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