You Can Hire People With Disabilities For Many Office Jobs

When managers complain about worker absenteeism, low productivity, or lack of creativity, inquire, “Can you employ individuals with disabilities?” Tell them to hire individuals with disabilities next time.

From entry-level to specialist positions, employees with disabilities have fewer job changes and absences compared to their non-disabled peers.  They’re dedicated to producing a good day’s work for their companies.

Employee retention is more significant than ever.  Labor shortages of around 10 million workers are forecast.

Are you concerned about the security, liability, or performance of an employee with a disability?  You can breathe a sigh of relief.  Security records of workers with disabilities equal or exceed the documents of employees.

Major Reasons To Hire People With Disability

Are you an employer that has reservations about hiring individuals who have a handicap?  They are human beings just like everybody else they may be an advantage to your firm.  You will learn some of the benefits of disabled workers.

First Reason to hire those who are handicapped: They likely have a solid work ethic.  Since they have more of a need to prove themselves in the workplace than many others and are in a disadvantage, they will work with a wonderful attitude and place all their effort.

Second Reason: You will help them feel better about themselves and also make a contribution to their happiness.  People have a natural inclination to have a sense of dignity when they’re working.

Third Reason: This will help you live up to the statement you provide in your project applications and on your help-wanted advertising.  You will show how you are an equal opportunity employer.

Fourth Rationale: This will help make you stand out.  You will enhance credibility and your reputation.

Fifth Rationale: It’ll be dandy for your conscience.  There is.  Possessing a clear conscience may outweigh any accommodations you may need to make for new hires that have a disability.

Sixth Reason: This can help boost your bottom line.  Companies can get tax breaks for hiring or have been out of work for quite a very long time.

Seventh Reason: It could be helpful to your satisfaction ranking.  You might wind up high on the list of the top companies to work for.

Eighth Reason: You are able to obtain special insight.  Bringing in people that are physically challenged can help you whenever they have developed methods and they have great ideas.

Ninth Reason: You can pave the way for more individuals who are like them.  You will likely encourage other employers to do the exact same thing if you take this step.

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Boost Your Corporate Social Responsibility

Companies that hire individuals with disabilities gain customer loyalty.  Communities support observable attempts to encourage citizens.  Without having difficulty hearing, seeing, or recalling you’ll reach the finish of your lifetime, but many of us won’t.  When you employ individuals with disabilities support for your business grows.  Many of your customers have invisible disabilities — cancer, arthritis, diabetes, and heart problems, back injuries, etc..

Your company also gains a substantial new source of creativity which affects your profit margin.  Individuals with disabilities have been problem solvers and master innovators throughout their interactions using a world that isn’t always user-friendly.  Individuals with disabilities will open your eyes to serve your customers all.  Your product line may be creative.

Are Accommodations Expensive?

Are you worried you can not afford expensive accommodations required for individuals with disabilities?  Most modifications cost under $500.  Almost one/third (29 percent) cost less than $100.  No price tag is carried by the majority.  It costs nothing so that your new employee can use public transport to alter a program.  Most business owners can provide flex time at no additional cost.

If advanced accommodations are needed, fiscal resources are usually available through your state office of vocational rehabilitation.

Get Help From The Community

Now that you’re enthused about the benefits you’ll gain and not as concerned about potential problems, how do you locate qualified people who have disabilities?

If you don’t know where to find local resources, contact the National Business and Disability Council (NBDC).  They have many information providers, including the NBDC Yellow Pages.  NBDC additionally provides a National Resume Database so it’s possible to identify job applicants who have disabilities that have at least two years of equivalent or more technical training or college, verified by an independent source.

It is also possible to obtain assistance with personnel training and supervision because NBDC services don’t end with applicant referral.  NBDC will help you create a win-win environment where all your staff — including you — feel comfortable and encouraged.  They have the experience you need to ensure responsibility and staff training.

Many companies are uncomfortable with considering physically disabled applicants for job openings.

It’s the 1 form of hiring discrimination that seems to be the toughest to overcome.  I once heard somebody liken being disabled with being an invisible minority.

I think our discomfort has a lot to do with something very simple and honest… too little understanding of how to approach and interact with somebody who’s disabled.

How To Interview Individuals With Disabilities

We are taught as children not to stare at somebody in a wheelchair such as; or not to ask any questions about how it may feel to be disabled.  Curiosity turns to discomfort, as we move into adulthood.

These good intentions bore out of our desire to create handicapped men and women feel comfortable only serves to make some individuals feel alienated or excluded.

Some things to consider as a lawyer when interviewing an employee with a physical disability:

• Don’t make assumptions about which sort of job an individual with a handicap is or is not capable of accomplishing.

• We should take the time to go over expertise and skills prior to pigeonholing a candidate and assuming that the person is not qualified for a particular job.

• Seek advice from the pros.  Most if not all countries have sources available to companies who have questions regarding the Americans With Disabilities Act, and also to make accommodations.

These resources may also be very helpful in answering any questions which you might have about interviewing and hiring people with disabilities.

Hire individuals with disabilities… but do not do it for”them.”  Do it because you would like to learn more about life from folks who have utilized their struggles to develop their personality in ways the majority of us have envisioned.  I led the American Council on Rural Special Education and co-founded the National Rural Independent Living Network.  Since I conducted a national study, I was frequently asked to testify to the U.S. Congress.  Each time, I struggled to adequately represent a constituency that awed me with their abilities, regardless of what disability label they had been branded with.

People with disabilities inspire all of us to attain our entire potential.  Us inspired his brother along with his decision to make a positive difference in the lives of many others.

Happiness at work is raised due to the win-win nature of hiring individuals with disabilities.  Hire people and enjoy more smiles from your clients and employees.